Red Walls

Throughout the levels of my home
All rooms are painted red
They match my mood of gloom and doom
Self confidence is dead

Now looking for an outside paint
Red walls and doors exterior
I fear might cast a solemn mood
And somehow seem interior


Dumpster Diving

“For this story, while the events are true, the names of individuals and cities have been changed to protect confidentiality and privacy.”

I got the call at home on Christmas Eve.  Eve, or evening is the time of day between six p.m. and bedtime, so in reality it was only my eve, as the rest of the family had retired for the night. The girls of course had been in a rush to go to bed, their theory being, the faster they went to sleep, the faster that Santa would arrive and the sooner they could rise for freshly baked cinnamon buns, empty their Christmas stocking and scope out the bounty that was under the tree. Simple needs in a complex world.

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Rescue at Nutimik Lake

Circa 1977 and I have 4 years of service with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. During that time, I have been posted at a three-man detachment at Whitemouth, Manitoba. Whitemouth is the largest of several small mixed farming communities within the East-Man Region of Manitoba, hence the chosen location for the regional police office. Whitemouth also guards the western border of the Whiteshell Provincial Park. Hard working and law abiding, the population in all communities within the region was very pro-police and the local police officers were in turn very pro-community. Generally, the incidents of crime ranged from minor traffic accidents to personal and public disputes, while the “clients” most often encountered were more characters than criminals. For the most part, single man work-shifts were conducted throughout the region covering 16 hours of the day. The remaining coverage was on a call-out basis. Many complaints or calls for service were routed to us through the headquarters detachment in Winnipeg. Any overtime worked was unpaid and rarely rescheduled.

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The RCMP is Canada’s national police service, whose mandate is to provide federal law enforcement to all Canadian provinces and territories. With the exception of Ontario and Quebec (who have their own provincial police) 8 provinces and three territories also contract “The Force” to offer policing service to provincial, municipal and aboriginal communities. The RCMP training academy (Depot Division) is located in Regina. I was accepted as a 3rd Class Constable to “Depot” in May 1973.

In 1973, employment in the RCMP was restricted to single men only. A rigorous recruitment criterion was used to select young males with a demonstrated work ethic and a personality suited to a para-military environment.

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Tragedy at Otter Falls

Law enforcement is no stranger to tragedy and working in a provincial park environment brings the focus of accidental death to the forefront. The recreational use of lakes, rivers and highways, back country roads and winter snowmobile trails increases the possibility of accidents for weekend enthusiasts who choose to stray beyond their levels of expertise and their boundaries of safe practice in pursuit of an enjoyable pastime. Such was the case in the following story; family names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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Life Is A Blast

Cross Lake is a small community situated approximately 800 kilometers North of Manitoba’s capital city of Winnipeg. The population of 3000 Cree First Nations inhabitants is divided into four suburbs, delineated in one part by the Nelson River that flows through it and in the second part by a cultural and legal status of the residents who live there.

The banks of the Nelson River were a historical settlement choice of many Cree communities in Northern Manitoba, giving them easy access to traditional hunting grounds. Later day settlement factors were also determined by the extensive hydroelectric development of the Nelson watershed ranging from from Lake Winnipeg North to Hudson Bay.

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Life Is A Highway

While I plan to shift the focus over a wide range of my life’s experience in this blog, I need to stay in the moment or rather the year 1973 to introduce your Mom and the circumstance of our meeting, courtship and marriage.

Rural Manitoba in 1973 was very pro-police. That being true, the citizens of Whitemouth had stronger regard for the 3 working Members of Whitemouth Detachment. While RCMP Members in Whitemouth served the entire municipality, they were a stronger part of the community in which they physically lived. The Reeve of the Municipality coveted the regional police office and neighbouring towns within the municipality were envious of the in-town police presence, and while there was no requirement to live “in town”, it was certainly politically preferred.

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