Too Blind to See

via Daily Prompt: Filter

Please use a filter for your thoughts
Before you speak a word
Not likely bud, I speak the truth
My honesty is heard

But honest thoughts are better spoke
With kindness and with hope
You’re kidding me, no things will change
Without a sharp provoke 

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via Daily Prompt: Oversight

I’m down a hundred dollars
But I hate to tell you why
A stupid reason really
Of that truth I won’t deny

I booked a room in Bangkok
When there wasn’t time to stay
The hotel said too bad my friend
This ain’t your lucky day

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Double Trouble

As mentioned in a previous story, Whitemouth Manitoba was my first posting upon graduation from the RCMP training “Depot” in Regina, Saskatchewan, and by May of 1977 I was in a very comfortable personal and professional groove. A policeman for four years and married for almost three, Terry and I were very happy and socially active in the community and both of us were fully comfortable in our careers, she as the regional public heath nurse and I as one of three regional law enforcement officers.

Early May in Whitemouth Detachment area was the best time of year, and on this particular Wednesday afternoon the wonderful fresh spring day was sunny and warm. The gloom of winter had passed and the highways had long since lost their inconsistent coats of ice and sandy grit. Drivers could again have faith that a snowy shoulder or black-ice sheen would not alter their destined path along the course of their voyage. Continue reading “Double Trouble”

Lucky Luis

In July 1981 my wife Terry and I were transferred from Wabowden, Manitoba to the capital city of Winnipeg. At this point in time I have 8 years of service with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; she and I have been married for 7 years. While both of us worked at our respective careers during this period of time, the three latest postings had her scrambling to find self-fulfilling employment within her field. The move to Winnipeg promised to stabilize our roots, give Terry deeper opportunities and shift our gaze and goal toward expanding our family.

Since my graduation from the RCMP academy in 1973, I had been wearing the RCMP uniform and conducting provincial and criminal code investigations in small towns and villages in the northern and southern regions of Manitoba. My working dress was exclusively a highly visible uniform. My transfer to Winnipeg, a city of 650,000 people,  and to the Immigration and Passport Section (I&P) changed my dress as well as shifted my investigative focus to the enforcement of a federal statute, the Immigration and Citizenship Act.

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