New advertisements on my blog
Were placed there by WordPress
No monthly checks will come to me
In case you haven’t guessed

I knew the claim “free blog” was fake
No sense in getting frothy
If paying me cash cannot be done
How ’bout some K-Cup coffee?


Race for the Gun

Authors Note: The names of individuals in this story have been changed to protect their privacy. While the events detailed did occur in a small northern community during my posting to Thompson Manitoba, Deer Creek is a fictitious name.

Thompson, circa 1988. Recently transferred from the Winnipeg Drug Section to Thompson, Manitoba and newly promoted to the rank of Corporal, my duties were focused on drug enforcement for all areas of the Province of Manitoba north of the 53th parallel. While most of this geographic area was comprised of wilderness interspersed with mining concessions, small towns and First Nations and Metis communities, it accounted for 60% of the landmass of the province and was the patrol area for myself and two other constables. Continue reading “Race for the Gun”

Water World

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is Canada’s national police service and supports several law enforcement business lines, nationally and internationally. For example, a town or city anywhere in Canada can contract the RCMP to perform municipal policing duties ranging from traffic and drug enforcement to major crime investigations. Further, the RCMP is responsible for federal enforcement duties focused on drug enforcement, customs and immigration, economic crime and others. The RCMP also supports peace-keeping duties in various global missions and provides law enforcement liaison and advice to all Canadian embassies abroad. Continue reading “Water World”

Searching for the Truth – Chapter 4

‘Searching for the truth’ is a case study based on an actual police investigation. The investigation is used as an example to describe one method of Major Case Management used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the mid 1990’s. As a reminder, chapters are recorded in descending sequence. Please scroll to locate the chapter desired.
Continue reading “Searching for the Truth – Chapter 4”