Thank You

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A BIG thanks to all of you who are reading my blog!

The start to this new “chapter” in my life occurred about a dozen years after retirement from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. A health crisis was the event that caused me to focus on my vulnerability and had me reflect on my knowledge of my ancestry, recent and through past years. I have branches of our family tree as reminders of that history, but they tell a fractured tale. Very few memories remain other than several ambiguous anecdotes of skeptical events and numerous grainy black and white photos jumbled and disordered in a box.

The stories I will likely just repeat as I have heard them, to all who might care to listen. Half of the pictures will get tossed. I didn’t have (take) the time to ask my parents to identify the images of those of significance in the box before they died.

Stories to Tell My Daughters Before I Die has been my attempt to leave some reminder of my life, outside the experiences that we as a family shared, for my daughters to remember.

I stated at the beginning that my posts would be random, and they have been. I also haven’t really written the depth of text that I initially intended to write, to my daughters. Alas, the blog while personal is not private and “work stuff” took precedence, again! Sorry ladies.

But I have enjoyed my writing time and I know that you have enjoyed the reading. Because all 30 of you are loyal readers, as can be seen from the stats in response to my last blog “Genesis”. In social media terms, this blog has certainly not gone viral, but a virus is what got me focused on blogging, that’s viral enough for me.

My next story is called Soliloquy and I will post it soon. Thanks again. Enjoy! ……. Bill


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