via Daily Prompt: Adrift

My father’s age is 95
His health is that age too
With memory what you’d expect gone
Long years of knowledge to reflect on

He does all right though
Walks a bit slow
Gruff and grumpy certain times is
Soft reflective most his mind is

At 66 I shake my head
With question how he moves along
I wonder if one feels quite miffed
To sense your life is cast adrift

I met a lad of 17
To him I must be very cool
In conversation held with me he
Like axe to tree did quickly fell me

At 17 I shake my head
And question how you move along
I wonder if you feel quite miffed
To sense your life is cast adrift

That kid’s perception, simply wrong
‘Cause at this age I’m in my prime
To do the things life will allow
Age is just time’s measurement of now.

Both Dad and I must take a bow.


2 thoughts on “Perceptions”

  1. Time’s relativity. Walking from Junior High to a Middle School, those 12 year olds, seeing me, and my graying, thinning hair broke into spontaneous laughter, unable to contain their glee. I wasn’t in a clown outfit, just a forty-something man, maybe an authoritarian, but reason enough to declare (in the face of my decline) their temporary immortality. But, at 95, your father is entitled to some well-earned grumpiness.


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