Comfort Food

via Daily Prompt: Bitter

The 401 was straight my friends
The long trip getting boring
Decision time to split the day
We stopped for lunch at “Swiss Chalet”

Not just another chicken place
No colonel in his snow white suit
Just simply made with n’ere surprise
My tasty Chicken, golden fries

But wait, the menu shows that combo
Pictured with historic pride
That once included deep browned fries
Was now a choice from several “sides”

I understand the reasoning
For this big menu change
Those healthy folk want options many
Without expending one more penny

An era ends and one begins
Let’s not complain, just suck it up, but
Strict options offered to the letter
Tend to make me somewhat bitter

Chalet fries are not a side
And never will be in my mind
They took away my comfort food
That is not goood!


4 thoughts on “Comfort Food”

  1. Poor Bill! We’re coming at you from all sides. Better give up, give in peacefully. Food as you once knew it, is no more…
    Your writing talent comes from your heart into ours. What a treat for us.

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    1. I was attempting to focus more on veggies. Healthy fries??? Actually the menu offers “skinless” chicken, and I was thinking that SC should make THAT discarded roasted delicacy a “side”. That would make me less bitter, ” yes, I’ll have a double leg diner with fries, double gravy, no bun and for my side I’ll have roasted skin.”


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