Frog in my Pool

My pal and I had robust plans
To strengthen friendship newly made
A bit of work of his and mine
The summer, thanks, would pass just fine

A fence to move that blocked his view
My garden needs within his grasp
Then time spent lounging ‘round the pool
Just drinking wine and keeping cool

Alas this wish that we both made
Of happy times o’re many years
With sudden passing robbed our chance
For plans lost to tragic circumstance.

And then one day beyond his death
A frog sat sunning on my deck
I tried to catch him; not be cruel
He quickly leaped into my pool

And then I thought, my god, what if
This apparition was ordained
To meet that wish with pal I’d made
Held now within that frog that played.

The frog remains for ‘while at least
I’m sure he’ll know the time to leave
For better waters far beyond
My backyard swimming pool pond.


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