Tomorrow Never Comes

via Daily Prompt: Later

An introvert locked in my den
My wife with tickets wandered in
To ask me if I’d like to date her
I said not now please ask me later

Received a phone call late one day
From friends who lived so far away
A trip to town they thought to make
Too late to plan for heaven’s sake

A lifetime trip dropped at my feet
The people there I’d longed to meet
But money’s tight, at least I think
So damn, I’ll use computer link

A lifelong friend, a fight so bad
Since then no conversation had
His wife today called me to say
My buddy Richard passed away

Our life, we have no second chance
When music plays, get up and dance
A choice to live or become sadder
I’ll take the former not the latter


4 thoughts on “Tomorrow Never Comes”

  1. Alas, our friends are on their way
    Back to the north, perchance to play
    And while away the summer hours
    It is their choice somehow, not ours.
    But we will be together soon
    Sometime, October, no, not June,
    But in the fall, when temps will plummet
    And there is snow, upon the summit.
    And joints do stiffen, collars risen,
    Eyelids thicken, cheekbones redden
    Horses turn, away from cold
    So Mounties must be just as bold,
    And follow snowbirds toward the surf
    To find the never frozen turf.

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