The Bear and the Blond

via Daily Prompt: Sound

While walking down a path amidst
The forest’s clear fresh air
In solitude with peaceful thoughts
She came across a lair

And from within she heard a sound
That caused her hair to curl
A growl so clearly ominous
To scare most any girl

But curious she peeked within
Then crept in nose to nose
The biggest bear she’d ever seen
Curled snuggled in repose.

Just then the startled beast awoke
Snap snarling loud with force
And left the poor lass now devoid
Of options or recourse

So following advice she’d learned
She rolled over and played dead
The bear just grinned remembering
Same story that he’d read

Now sensing opportunity
And gaining new found courage
He left her there and trading homes
Slept, sat and ate her porridge


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