via Daily Prompt: Oversight

I’m down a hundred dollars
But I hate to tell you why
A stupid reason really
Of that truth I won’t deny

I booked a room in Bangkok
When there wasn’t time to stay
The hotel said too bad my friend
This ain’t your lucky day

We’ll refund you for sickness
And if your plane’s delayed
But if the cause is oversight
No refund can be made.

I ranted and I raved a bit
Then I begged and pleaded
Agoda had no sympathy
So me, I just conceded

So why can’t oversight be a cause
That’s readily accepted
It is the one to which I am
More commonly subjected


7 thoughts on “Oversight”

  1. I think oversight should be considered for refund! At least you planning on staying with them if it wasn’t an oversight and would be very apt to stay there the next visit because of their courtesy. Ahhh, well, if only I were at the reservation desk!


  2. Just wondering if your work status is ephemeral, something that someone later could attach an amnesiac response. “You say it was an oversight? Is that a Canadian thing? Let me see those papers. We have no record of your reservation.” And the Laotian phrase for Caveat Emptor.


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