The Oath

Today a new dawn made me see
The error of my ways
I better man I pledge to be
For all my living days

No longer will I rant and rave
No longer will I tweet
Respectful words I will extend
To everyone I meet

To all good women this I vow
To never disagree
Tough choices and decisions all
Controlled by you, not me

I will no longer foster fear
Or spread misogyny
I’ll welcome all to share this land
In peaceful harmony

The violence in our land must end
I promise this to you
That guns and anger will not thrive
While under my purview

My brain rewired soon will end
My jeers and nasty smirks
I pray you now forgive me please
For my disastrous quirks

**Let’s see if “fake news” really works**


6 thoughts on “The Oath”

  1. You’ve rejected common faults
    That follow to the grave
    In whatever moldy vault
    The providence of knaves
    What guides you now
    And prompted sense
    Remains a mystery
    But we remain in recompense
    Still glad that you are free


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