April 25th; my birthday. I opened my eyes to my 65th year of living a wonderful life. Lying in bed, not yet stirring, I looked out through my fifth storey window; the reward and magic of my life was apparent in the things I saw. Below me, bordering the river, barren trees stood waiting for that first brush of warm weather, protecting their leafy buds until completely sure that winter’s frosty hand had been withdrawn. Above, a flock of gulls soared majestically, riding the thermal currents formed from newly heated patches of dark earth uncovered by the receding ice and snow. In between, dark and dusty buildings awoke and stretched, unburdened by the many months of cold, and ice, and snow; elements that would have killed any entity more human than they, over the same period of time. And stretch they did, turning lifelike before my eyes. One resembled a dog, no, was a dog, rising and stretching from his sleep on a soft white pillow.

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Temper Temper

TemperIt is Wednesday morning. The sun has been up for some time and the temperature is climbing, validating the weather forecaster’s prediction of a beautiful spring day. My shifts are screwed up this week. I worked night shift the previous day and now I am working a day shift alone. During the hours in between, I have been on-call with the headquarters’ dispatch center. My first posting to a three-man rural detachment has taken me by surprise. I am a city boy, born and raised, and the transition from paved highways to gravel roads is somewhat of a challenge. Continue reading “Temper Temper”



I’d just left the comfort of our regional minimum security rehabilitation camp and was warming my police car against the dampness of a cool Spring night. My shift had ended at 1 AM, but I had extended my coffee break to continue discussions with one of the inmate trustees, Aidan, who was finishing a three month sentence for his second conviction of impaired driving. Continue reading “Sililoquy”


BarracksI was seized by the panic in her eyes. There she was, twenty feet in front of me, drowning in three feet of water. Seemingly impossible, it took me a few extra seconds to react; to jump from my lifeguard chair five feet above the surface of our community outdoor swimming pool and leaped toward her from the edge of the tiled pool deck. Continue reading “Genesis”

Mother’s Day

M DayMother’s Day! An occasion where children recognize a significant person in their lives; their Mother. As a husband in the early years, I would prepare our children for that day. I would purchase flowers and add them to the hand made cards made with pride with crayons on crepe paper. I’d prepare a special dinner. As the years passed and self-reliance was gained, I sought to relinquish that role to my children. It was their moment after all, not mine. Continue reading “Mother’s Day”



As a city boy born and raised, while I was aware of the changing seasons from summer to fall, to winter to spring, I was never really attuned to the changes that nature used to mark those cyclical transitions.  Instead, my awareness to the seasons was realized through a variety of events. I went camping in summer wilderness locations with some friends, skied snow covered mountains with others, picked apples in the fall and greeted the coming of spring by prematurely doffing my parka in favour of shorts and a T-Shirt.  It wasn’t until I was posted as a police officer to rural policing duties in central Canada that my sense of the environment was broadened and my appreciation of the magic of the seasons was deepened. Continue reading “Renewal”

Lights Out

RCMPBarry and I were in the process of trying to arrest an angry and flailing female juvenile in the parking lot when the dance ended and the participants streamed out from the community hall. Fuelled by alcohol, several males took exception to our efforts and attempted to obstruct our progress of placing her into the back seat of the police Chevrolet Suburban. Continue reading “Lights Out”