April 25th; my birthday. I opened my eyes to my 65th year of living a wonderful life. Lying in bed, not yet stirring, I looked out through my fifth storey window; the reward and magic of my life was apparent in the things I saw. Below me, bordering the river, barren trees stood waiting for that first brush of warm weather, protecting their leafy buds until completely sure that winter’s frosty hand had been withdrawn. Above, a flock of gulls soared majestically, riding the thermal currents formed from newly heated patches of dark earth uncovered by the receding ice and snow. In between, dark and dusty buildings awoke and stretched, unburdened by the many months of cold, and ice, and snow; elements that would have killed any entity more human than they, over the same period of time. And stretch they did, turning lifelike before my eyes. One resembled a dog, no, was a dog, rising and stretching from his sleep on a soft white pillow.

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Chasing Rabbits


It was nine o’clock on an evening in late October and darkness had long since fallen on our normally sleepy town. Earlier, a full moon and thousands of stars had provided natural light to a section of town that comprised the business district; a car repair shop, the municipal hall, the post office, the bank, a general store and a car dealership. It was a mixture of private businesses and government institutions that were all considered valuable to the integrity of the town; indeed the region.  Continue reading “Chasing Rabbits”


via Daily Prompt: Crumb

CRUMBSA noise woke him from his sleep. It was after midnight and the house was dark except for a shadow of a light somewhere downstairs. The noise was a shadow as well, of someone doing something in a quiet way, so as not to disturb. But this subtle noise was what woke the man, likely faster than a car horn blaring from blocks away. This was his house; he was attuned to its voice. Continue reading “CRUMBS”



diverHis return was sudden and unexpected. I had been standing on the dock overlooking the calm waters of Dorothy Lake. It was quiet as I stood alone and reflected on the circumstances that had brought me here. The surface of the lake was flat like glass and the rising sun cast artificial colour on a surface that I knew in truth to be murky and cold.

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Jigger Justice


Six in the morning and the phone is ringing on my bedside table. I reach for it and answer without even opening my eyes; such is the learned talent and skill of a police officer “on call”.  In 1974, many detachments lacked the number of officers required to work 24/7 shifts. “Quiet” times were always covered by off-duty officers taking calls. Continue reading “Jigger Justice”

The Toad

ToadThe earliest citation of “before you meet the handsome prince, you have to kiss a lot of toads” can be found in a 1975 publication of “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine. Since that time, numerous iterations in word and graphic format have reinforced this adage among teens and young adults. Although originally gender specific by its wordage, the premise is currently prescriptive for all romantics in search of a compatible soul mate and long term relationship. Continue reading “The Toad”

Reach Out

via Daily Prompt: Impression

We pass each other on the street
No eye contact is made
Attraction may permit a glance
But for all else we act afraid

Or at those times with voices raised
In anger and frustration
Why can’t those others see your view
And show appreciation

Let’s change to venue that is safe
There’s not the same aggression
You bob and weave and smile and laugh
To make a good impression

And when that effort is displayed
Most often it’s returned
Think back and count examples of
How few times you were spurned

How different are those strangers that
Arriving on our shore
Are met with eyes averted when
They clearly wish for more

The lead is yours and clearly rests
Within your personality
Enrich your social circle more
Extend some hospitality